How We Helped This Problem-Oriented Brand Double Their Customer Base in the Beauty Niche


Before Labis Labs:

When Sophia and Tom came to us, they were looking for somebody to take over their Facebook Ads management and help them get more sales. The brand was already doing pretty well, but what caught our eye was their retention rate: it was through the roof! Their customers were raving about the products and the reviews were just incredible. The quality of their products gave us the confidence to take them on and support them with our services.

The Brand:

No Nothing products contain as few potentially-sensitizing ingredients as possible, and to make everyone with a sensitive nose happy, all products are also 100% perfume-free. They are perfect for safely cleansing, conditioning and styling hair for the whole family – especially those who have sensitive skin or have developed fragrance hypersensitivity.

Identifying The Problem:

First things first, we got our questionnaire filled out and defined what angles we would have tackled first. We knew that people with *allergies* and *fragrance sensitivity* fell perfectly into No Nothing’s ideal customer avatar – so our creative department crafted the first batch of copy and visual creatives. The goal was clear: we wanted to grab our target’s attention.

However, as soon as we started promoting our first campaigns – we quickly realized that even though our CTR was well above 4%, the conversion rate from cold traffic was pretty low. We would convert our traffic, but on the retargeting phase.

This is why: if your scalp is sensitive, you’ve already found your own go-to hair products and don’t really feel the urge to try something new. You might be interested, but not forced to insert your credit card details at the first touchpoint.

Were we still converting? Yes. But the overall return on the ad spend was not allowing us to scale our campaigns. Not only we had to take into account the average price of the products, but also the margin of our clients. Breaking even was good because we were still winning new clients with an incredibly-high retention rate, but was not good enough to start scaling.

Up until…

The solution:

Here at Labis Labs, we’re all about long-lasting relationships. And we know for a fact that sometimes you have to put profits aside and focus on the long term. So at the question: “would you mind if we tested some Google Ads on us?” – Tom and Sophia were happy to say yes and gave us *carte blanche*.

At that point our media buying team knew the ideal client avatar as the back of their hands, so we set our campaigns up within the following few days and the results were just astonishing!



Traffic from Google was actively looking for an alternative to their go-to hair products and No Nothing was just the perfect match for their scalp. Our ROAS got over 3 from cold traffic and that finally gave us the confidence to finally start scaling our budget.

The Results:


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No Nothing Very Sensitive


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No Nothing Very Sensitive


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