How We Helped this Fitness Brand Go From €5,000 to €260,000 in 12 Months


Before Labis Labs:

When Matt and Rob reached out to us, it was immediately clear that they were sitting on a goldmine. The quality of their products is unparalleled, and their clients get instantly addicted to the brand. Still, their campaigns were not converting: results were unstable, and they couldn’t scale the advertising budget while maintaining profitability. Campaigns had no structure and the strategy was confused (to say the least).

The Brand:

Stamina Fitness is an Italian brand founded by two athletes, Matteo and Roberto. As soon as you look at the products, you can tell Matt and Rob know what they’re talking about. Each product is designed to improve athletes’ performance at the gym box. Their best-selling product has revolutionized the industry in Italy and we’re about to start selling worldwide. The future looks bright for Stamina, but 12 months ago…

Identifying The Problem:

As we always do when taking on a new client, we got access to their store dashboard and started analyzing the numbers. It didn’t take long to realize that we had an indisputable winner among the products: Stamina’s fantastic hand grips. This product had tons of positive reviews, and literally made people fall in love with crosstraining again.

However, the campaigns were not paying credits to this massive potential – they were promoting every single product, and the best seller was just one of the many. Also, there was no critical thinking behind the retargeting structure. The previous agency was running cold traffic campaigns with traffic as objective – which is good to decrease the cost per click, but terrible when we get to retarget those “serial clickers”…

The solution:

First of all, we redesigned the whole structure on Facebook. We created four levels of targeting: cold traffic, warm traffic, hot traffic and existing customers. We decided, along with Matt and Rob, to focus on the hand grips and let it be our Trojan horse to show our customers the quality of our products. Goes without saying that…

The campaigns started to convert in a stable and (very) profitable way – that gave us the confidence not only to scale our advertising budget, but also to expand our marketing landscape to Google Ads. Google turned out to be a money-printing machine for Stamina as they solve problems that are very common among athletes.

Caveat: our creative department went crazy when we found out that Matt and Rob are into design and that they’re extremely talented at creating content. This was of great help to us and definitely speeded up the whole process. This is how our dashboard for the last 12 months looks like:

The Results:

This is what happened in the first 12 months

+ 0
Initial Situation
+ 0
12 Months Later

Stamina Fitness


Zero chalk. Unmatched grip. 100% protection.

√ Full palm protection for pain-free workouts

√ Adjustable polyester straps for optimal wrist support

√ Patented “polyflub” coating provides a chalk-free stick

√ Open-hand design for enhanced ventilation and comfort

Destroy your workouts, not your hands.

Stamina Fitness


“The best grips I’ve ever had no questions asked! I’m in my mid 50’s and struggle with grip strength which makes pull ups and T2B really hard. Every other grip that I’ve used felt awkward and didn’t help at all. Some had loose fits, some were simply uncomfortable, and some just didn’t protect my hands. I was always filing away at my calluses! These grips give me wide coverage, they don’t fall off, and they help me grip the bars perfectly! Can’t say enough good things!”

“My favorite grips ever!”
Tim R., USA  ★★★★★

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