How We Used AI To Help This Fashion Brand Go From 0 To $94,196.68 in 48 days


Before Labis Labs:

Let’s address the elephant in the room: CADOGAN is a dream client. Their products are bespoke, and since the first time we talked to them, the whole team fell in love with the brand and the vision behind it.

The Brand:

Cadogan and Jesse made us find the perfect environment to work in. They put every piece of the puzzle at the right place, and their support is unparalleled. They put together an incredible team, and these results are a natural consequence of it.

Identifying The Problem:

Launching a fashion brand is everything but a walk in a park. We’re talking about one of the most competitive niches. Ordinary interests get saturated by big players who take the field with multiple 7 figures in advertising budget every single month. On top of that, we had little to none data at our disposal – so we needed to maximize every single piece of data we were collecting on the go…

The solution:

At Labis Labs, we leverage artificial intelligence to make better decisions. We truly believe it all comes down to data – so the better we can analyze the data we collect, the more we can improve the results we get.

When we start working with a new store, we always have to deal with three main variables: audiences, creatives, and products. We need to figure out the best combination of the three, in order to start scaling in a profitable and (most importantly) sustainable way.

As regards the audiences, AI played a massive role. During the onboarding process, our team went on a deep market analysis – and made their considerations. Client helped us get a better grasp of our buyer personas, and we combined all this information with our AI predictions.

In terms of creatives, our creative department worked with the outstanding pictures and video scenes provided. Our copywriters, along with our media buyers, had access to our AI software in order to see what ad formats and angles were performing best. We doubled down on them and started scaling our campaigns based.

Finally, it was pretty clear to everybody that CADOGAN’s jackets were the perfect product to promote in the front-end. The price allowed us to spend a good amount of money in the acquisition phase, while staying profitable and building our customer base.

The Results:

Time frame: 48 days

+ 0 $
Ad Spent
+ 0 $



Powered by purpose. Solidified by style. CADOGAN Jackets elevate any look.

It’s time to get a taste of the ultimate menswear experience.

So Comfortable You Won’t Want To Take It Off



Reasons why people LOVE our new Tees:

✔️ Unbelievably soft Pima cotton 

✔️ Unrivaled quality hand-finished stitching

✔️ Made in Los Angeles

The softest shirt you’ve ever owned. Guaranteed.

The Softest Shirt You’ve Ever Worn

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