Labis Labs is a Leading Growth Agency that Helps DTC Brands Scale.

For DTC Brands that want to grow their bottom line. We operate as an intrinsic partner to support you as your store grows and faces new challenges.

Our team expertise entails paid traffic, creative design, analytics, copywriting and email marketing. We operate as an extension of your internal marketing team and immerse ourselves in your business to provide maximum support.


Average ROI Across our DTC Brands


DTC Brands Managed


Creatives Tested per Month

$45M +

Generated Revenue

A Cross-Channel Approach To Growing Your Brand

Our Growth Teams combine multiple channels and services under a single, profit-first strategy.

Paid Search

Facebook is still the best platform to grow your customer base, but you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

eMail Marketing

Klaviyo is our platform of choice. Automated flows and beautifully-designed campaigns will turn customers into advocates.

Data-Driven Design

Our Creative Department specializes in turning your raw footages into attention-grabbing advertisements.

In-Depth Analysis

As part of our onboarding process, our analytics team will help you understand your KPIs and plan out a realistic and sustainable growth.

Smooth Communication

Our teams are designed to be as small as humanly possible, so you always know who’s in charge of what.

Tailored Strategy

Each Brand Story is different, and our team will analyse your current situation to adapt our strategy to your specific needs.

We’re Grateful to Work with Incredible Clients.


We Actually Care
Speed, Execution, Efficiency
Built to Last
The Highest Standard
  • Clients’ growth is our top priority. We want their growth to be healthy and sustainable for the long run.
  • We think like owners. Each and every team member takes responsibility and celebrates like a business owner.
  • Our clients know that we will never compromise on Speed, Execution and Efficiency. And they do hold us accountable for that.
  • The eCommerce landscape evolves fast, and only those who are able to adapt and adjust to the changing environment will thrive.
  • Our systems and solutions are built to last. We are constantly focused on solving our clients’ problems once and for all.
  • We help our clients focus on decisions that have longer half lives, so that they can run a marathon, rather than a sprint.
  • We drop the Good for the Great every day of the week. We know first hand that Good prevents us from achieving Great.
  • Our attention to details is second to none, and we constantly do our best to improve the experience of our clients at Labis Labs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been burnt by other agencies already. I felt like I was being treated as a number rather than a person. Why will LL be different?

We feel you, and we understand your concerns. We keep our teams small so that clients can get to know all the team members and learn from their knowledge.

Each of our teams has a maximum capacity of 4 to 6 clients (depending on size and workload required), so they have more-than-enough time to execute on their strategy and always innovate.

Our Account Managers will make you feel understood and make sure that all your requests get an answer within 24 working hours.

How many clients do your team work on?

Our teams include Account Manager, Strategist, Media Buyer/Klaviyo Specialist, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Copywriter.

Each team works on up to 4 to 6 clients. Their capabilities depend on clients’ size and on the workload required.

It’s our priority to make sure that each client gets more attention than they actually need, so we can always exceed expectations and go the extra mile to deliver results.

How long does the onboarding process last for?

We’re as process driven as it gets. Our onboarding process lasts anywhere between 7 to 10 days on average.

The onboarding process consists of two todo lists: one for the client, and one for the team.

Please, notice: if you’re already running ads, the account maintenance can start within 5 days after signing.

What can I do to help LL do their best?

It’s just a matter of trust. We’ve been there, done that with tens of stores in multiple niches. Some of our suggestions will probably sound counterintuitive, but please keep in mind we always come from a genuine and positive position.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goal. We win if you win.

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